Hook Exchange integrates your audio hooks with all your callout & AMT music research tools!

    About Hook Exchange
Why is music research assembled from separate, disparate parts? Wouldn’t it be great if all your tools – Selector®, hook tape, The AnalystTM worked together to integrate your research and music scheduling?

Hook Exchange makes it happen!

Sure, Hook Exchange is a “hook company.” You can get the highest quality hook tape available through us. But that’s just the beginning of what Hook Exchange offers. Hook Exchange is a product and an environment that facilitates the integration of all the tools you employ to produce music research.

From assembling your hook tape through Hook Exchange (you can use your Selector® browse list) to providing your hook list to consultants and format managers, Hook Exchange assures your hook tape and research is easily produced, reviewed, shared and implemented. Don’t like one of our hooks? Create your own – even share it publicly with other Hook Exchange users!

For sales call 888-882-4480. For support call 205-434-4444.